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We’re the experts in Australian coal logistics

Our business has been solving the transport, scheduling, and management challenges of coal producers for over 20 years.

Moving coal since 1999

When industry icon Faith Dempsey founded TransCoal in 1999, the logistic issues faced by many coal producers in Queensland were immense.

  • Inefficient coal wash scheduling.
  • Overstocked (or empty) stockpiles.
  • Poorly planned scheduling.
  • Missed berthing opportunities.
  • Expensive Demurrage fees.

Right from the start, TransCoal was structured and resourced to solve these problems. With vast industry experience and intelligent planning, we’ve since been saving clients millions of dollars each year getting their coal to the end customer in the right quality, quantity and timeframes.

Moving Coal

The Vision – Why does TransCoal exist?

Coal logistics can be done better. Our industry loses an incredible amount of money in wasted demurrage, lost efficiency on rail and port movements and last-minute scrambling to make quality specifications. The industry is predisposed to competition, holding back information and commercial barriers which inhibit the ability for providers to work to make each other successful.


We see it differently

  • We know that when we work to enable all supply chain providers, we get transformative results.
  • By providing a trusted platform we can discern what we want to collaborate on to get operational efficiency.
  • And we are very good at securing information that is important to the enterprise of the clients we represent.

To learn more about the visionary approach behind TransCoal

A business based on efficiency

TransCoal came into being initially as the independent logistic coordinator for a group of Queensland coal mines with shared road and rail infrastructure. This immediately increased the throughput of that facility without any additional capital requirement.

TransCoal’s value-added services soon expanded to cover all aspects of the coal supply chain, from daily production planning and wash-plant scheduling, through to port stockpile management and despatch/demurrage services.

Across every area, TransCoal has reduced the cost per tonne of getting coal from pit-to-port; all while improving the efficiency of each mining operation. What challenges can we help you solve today?

Expert advice you can count on

Our ‘whole-of-corridor’ approach to logistics management is just the start. TransCoal clients get access to a full team of experts, providing advice on:

  • Mine Planning
  • Production Scheduling
  • Wash Plant Operations
  • ROM
  • Product & Loadout Stockpiles
  • Train Loading & Scheduling
  • Port Stockpile Allocations
  • Shipping Arrangements
  • Invoicing & Financing
  • Product Quality Control
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Buyer Communication

If you’d like a better way to run your operations and increase your profit per tonne, then talk with us today. Our industry intelligence, diligent teamwork and expertise can transform your entire business.

Leverage our excellent working relationships to your advantage.

TransCoal has unrivalled access and experience with some of Australia’s biggest coal export infrastructure companies.

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“In my view TransCoal stands alone in the industry due to its intricate knowledge of supply chain operations and access to Australia’s major coal ports teamed with an ability to assess and forecast risks and opportunities in the logistics space. Not only does the team provide seamless support and significant savings for a reasonable cost, they are always incredibly responsive and supportive to work with.”

Talk with a coal logistics expert today.

Let us share more on why we think our approach can bring you better results – and bring about a new wave of improvements.

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